Workshop for Junior Scholars (2024)

Date/Time: March 11, 2024 (one day before the main ACM CS/Law conference), noon-5:30pm + dinner at 6:00
Location: MIT Stata Center (32 Vassar St, Cambridge MA), Patil/Kiva Seminar Room (32-G449).

Junior Scholar Workshop Co-chairs:
Aniket Kesari (Fordham University) and Sarah Scheffler (MIT->CMU)

The Workshop for Junior Scholars is now at capacity.

The Workshop for Junior Scholars aims to build community, provide advice in navigating interdisciplinary careers, and foster discussion about future research in Computer Science and Law.  It is targeted at students, postdocs, recently-appointed professors, and others at a similar stage, in any combination of Law and Computer Science.

To get to the Workshop, come to the MIT Stata Center (32 Vassar St, Cambridge, MA).  The building has two sets of elevators.  Come to the elevators that take you to the Gates Tower (the wall by the elevators is blue and there’s a fun interactive screen next to it).  Take the elevator to the fourth floor and follow signs from there.



Time (EST) Activity
12:00 Lunch and Welcome Remarks
1:00 Panel: Non-Academic Career Paths for CS/Law
  • Joe Calandrino (Federal Trade Commission)
  • Phoebe Rouge (Office of House Committee on Energy and Commerce)
  • Yonadav Shavit (OpenAI)
  • Logan Warberg (Office of Cynthia Lummis)
  • Rebecca Weiss (MLCommons)
  • Amy Winecoff (Center for Democracy and Technology)
All panelists are speaking in their personal capacity and not on behalf of their institutions.
2:00 Coffee Break
2:15 Panel: Academic Career Paths for Interdisciplinary CS/Law Researchers
  • Ran Canetti (Boston University)
  • Rachel Cummings (Columbia University)
  • Talia Gillis (Columbia Law School)
  • Aileen Nielsen (Harvard Law School)
All panelists are speaking in their personal capacity and not on behalf of their institutions.
3:15 Small Group Mentoring Session -- breakout groups with panelists
3:45 Coffee Break
4:15 Breakout Discussions on Topics in CS/Law Research
  • Legal and policy aspects of AI/GenAI
  • Fairness, bias, and safety in ML/AI
  • Privacy and Data Protection
  • Trust and Safety for Platforms
  • Human rights law and CS
5:15 Closing Remarks
5:30 Break
5:45 Walk from Stata Center lobby to dinner (meet in the Stata Center lobby with a big mirror and lots of cranes hanging from the ceiling)
6:00 Dinner at PAGU

Also on March 11, the main ACM CS/Law Symposium has a cocktail hour from 8pm-9:30pm, in 32-G401 (4th floor of the Stata Center Gates Tower, common area just outside the Workshop room).