The sponsorship principles used to organize this symposium can be found here.
Questions and opportunity for input to the discussion about future sponsorship principles are here.

Platinum Sponsors

Gold Sponsors

Silver Sponsors

Bronze Sponsors

The symposium organizers sincerely thank the donor organizations for their financial support. Funds raised from companies, private foundations, and government funding agencies have helped cover the costs for students and others who lack funds to attend the symposium, provide extra support for those coming from around the world and therefore incurring higher travel costs, and generally enable us to lower the cost of attendance for all participants.

We have organized this symposium according to the following funding principles: 

  1. All decisions about the program (topics, speakers, structure, etc.) are made by the Symposium chairs with extensive input from the Program Committee. Donor organizations do not have control over the program. 
  2. Acceptance of support from any donor organization does not imply explicit or implicit approval of the donor organization’s values or actions.
  3. The identities and funding levels of each financial contributor will be disclosed to the public on the symposium website.  

The chairs recognize that members of the various communities brought together in this symposium have a wide range of views about the ethical and practical implications of accepting or not accepting contributions from different organizations. In light of these concerns, we will devote time during the symposium to a discussion of practical strategies for and ethical implications of different funding models for both research and conference sponsorship in the nascent ACM Computer Science and Law community. This discussion will inform the principles according to which future ACM Computer Science and Law activities will be conducted.

Questions and opportunity for input to the discussion about future funding and sponsorship principles are here.