ACM Computer Science and Law Student-Paper Competition Call for Student Entries

The organizers of the inaugural ACM Symposium on Computer Science and Law invite students at the undergraduate and graduate levels to submit papers addressing topics on the intersection of computing and the law. The Symposium will be held October 28-29, 2019 at the New York Law School in the Tribeca neighborhood of NYC. Its main goals are to stimulate interest in computer science and law, broadly defined, and to articulate a research agenda, an educational agenda, and specific recommendations about how ACM and other interested institutions can support work in this emerging field. Suitable paper topics include but are not limited to:

  • Security, privacy, encryption, and surveillance
  • Cyber espionage, cyber war, and cyber diplomacy
  • Cyber crime, cyber law enforcement, and digital forensics
  • Freedom of expression online (or the lack thereof)
  • Online market structure, platform monopolies, and antitrust law
  • Online government services
  • Digital intellectual property
  • Legal informatics
  • Automation of legal reasoning and legal services
  • Fairness, accountability, transparency, and ethics (FATE) in machine learning and data mining
  • Methodological compatibility and incompatibility between the discipline of computer science and the discipline of law

We encourage submissions of papers written for university courses covering topics in computing and law. Courses listed in departments or schools of computer science, law, public policy, information science, information studies, and other relevant disciplines are eligible. Additionally, we encourage students who have completed substantial course projects that aren’t papers, including development of computer systems that address policy challenges, to submit papers that describe those projects and their findings and conclusions.

Submission Information

  • Submission format: 10,000 word (or 10-page ACM double-column format)
    • Notes: References do count toward the page limit, and submissions should not be anonymized.
  • Authorship limit: All authors must be students. Submissions may have multiple authors. For multiple-author submissions, one author must be designated to present the poster.
  • Online Submission:
  • The PC will select between 10 and 20 submissions for poster presentation at the October symposium. Between notifications on August 30 and the poster due date of October 11, members of the PC will work with the winners and advise them on poster production.
  • The symposium organizers will provide a travel stipend for at least one student per successful submission to present their work and attend the entire symposium.